How to Cut Back on Soft Drink Consumption

Today, the media has flooded the public with different soft drink ads, but the increased focus on rising obesity statistics, should help some individuals cut back on their soft drink consumption. Even though soft drinks remain a popular choice for beverage consumption today, there are steps to help a person cut back on soft drinks. Here are

How to Make Baked Fish Stuffed with Crab

This is a recipe that a very good friend of mine tried on me. He knew that I am not a big lover of fish but that I do like crab. He thought that if he could create a dish that would combine the two I would come to like it. I will admit that

How to Cut an Avocado

For a country bumpkin from the Midwest, the avocado seemed like an alien species. I found myself considering mankind’s first encounter with this bumpy green fruit and wondering whatever possessed them to think of it as food. My first culinary encounter with the avocado came while standing in line at a “health food” deli and

Homemade Cookies that Make Great Christmas Gifts

Bake up some fun with one of these three delectable homemade cookies that make great Christmas gifts: Magical stained glass cookies, yummy White Chocolate-Macadamia Nut cookies or sassy Gingerbread Men. All three have a good shelf life and hold up well when packaged and shipped. *STAINED GLASS SUGAR COOKIES* Stained glass cookies are easy to

Have you a Recipe for Bubble and Squeak

In my childhood Boxing Day meant cold turkey and bubble and squeak! Today bubble and squeak has moved on from a way of using leftovers to a recipe in itself and can be found in top restaurants at huge prices. Bubble and squeak is an old traditional English dish that was made with the leftover vegetables

Fruit Yogurt Yogurt with Fruit Prune Layer Yogurt Plum Danone Danon Yogurt

I really love Danone products and one of my favourite yogurts is the Fruit Layer Prune. It comes in a pack of four. The pots contain 125 g yogurt and fruit. They are available for 1.65 pounds in Sainsbury’s. At the moment they are on offer so you can buy two packs for 3 pounds.

Grilled Salmon Mediterranean Cooking Snow Peas

Mediterranean Grilled Salmon 2 Alaskan Wild Salmon Filets – Frozen from Trader Joe’s is great – Thaw in the refrigerator 2 Medium Tomatoes 10 Red Grapes Seasoning for Salmon Honey Olive Oil Balsamic vinegar – white or red Tamari Liquid smoke or other hickory flavoring Sea salt Pepper Dill weed – fresh or dried Snow

Great Recipes for Weight Watchers

Modeled after the popular Dukan diet, these are some of the dishes  that I enjoyed tremendously whilst losing 6 kilograms in slightly less than 2 months. Instead of feeling deprived as most diets do, the recipes below make a satisfying meal. The use of easily available spices and natural flavors also gives a  sense of

Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Whether they love gourmet brews or a double-double from the local coffee shop, there are a number of gift ideas available for the coffee lover on your gift list. A Keurig Personal Brewer is an ideal gift for the solo coffee aficionado. Available on a number of websites, including QVC, Kohl’s, and Green Mountain Coffee,

Easy Egg Rolls

Egg Rolls are fun side dish to add to a traditional Asian homemade meal. The problem that many people have is that they require too many steps and too much time. With a few time saving tchniques, making egg rolls will become less of a chore and more enjoyable. There are three areas that make