Cobra Beer

Originally when Cobra beer first started being produced in 1989 it was brewed in Bangalore, now production has moved to sunny Fulham. Originally the beer was to be called panther but the name was changed after tests suggested panther was not a popular name. I have seen cobra available in lots of supermarkets but where

Coffee History

Coffee has a long history. The history of coffee started somewhere between the years 575 and 850. It is presumed that the Ethiopian and Kenyan tribes took coffee seeds with them on their journey to Arabia. According to other historians and their opinion of the coffee-history, the Arabian Soefi’s (A mystic sect), brought the coffee

Chicken Salad

You can make a chicken salad a hundred ways and they all would be great. Especially if you use a roasted or smoked chicken. But if I was going to make one I would do it like this.  60g/2½oz Chicken meat (From a roasted or smoked chicken beat to have a mix of leg and

Best Death Themed Halloween Cocktails Drinks

Any and all of these death themed Halloween cocktail drinks will add some life to your party. (Pun intended.) They are the best death themed Halloween cocktails, as they all taste great and are simple to make. These are great additions to any adult Halloween party menu ideas. Red Death Cocktail Recipe – Watch out,

Bollywood Adelaide Review

We stayed in a hotel in central Adelaide for a few days (waiting for a train, believe it or not!) and one of those days, tired after long hours of sightseeing, we ordered a take away from what we thought would be a good bet – an Indian restaurant. This showed British kind of thinking

Breakfast Pizza

How many times has your teenager turned up their nose at breakfast and wanted pizza instead? Why not give them pizza? I have tried many times and many ways to get my children to eat a healthy breakfast and nothing seems to work; then I tried severing pizza for breakfast. Breakfast pizza may take a

Beer Reviews Ofallon Pumpkin Ale

As the summer begins to wane and the sights and smells of autumn are just around the corner, my thought turn to beer, of course. They turn that way a lot, as my friends would be quick to point out, but the end of summer marks a special time for beer-lovers. On the way out

Beer Recommendations for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving, a time for fine food and celebration. The food is always at its best, the mere thought of the mouth-watering aromas, floating through the air is enough to stir the palette into a crazed ecstasy of delight. But more often than not, the drink can be a bit of an afterthought. Often it is

Beginners Guide to Buying Wine

If you are a novice wine-drinker and have enjoyed a glass of wine with friends or in a restaurant setting, it can be quite challenging to go out and buy wine when there are literally thousands of choices, and perhaps even dozens of choices in local supermarkets.  Here are a few suggestions that will serve

Beer Reviews Goose Island Matilda

Once in a while I come across a beer that genuinely surprises me. I sample a lot of beers, from a lot of places, and I really try not to build expectations too high for a beer that I’m familiar with, and have read glowing reviews for, but never sampled myself. That’s not fair to